About Me

It's me, hi I'm the problem, it's me. I'm the reason why people are either getting a good laugh when they see your shirt or stopping to ask where they can get one.  You're welcome! Hello, and thank you for visiting my page and supporting my small business. My name is Monigo, I'm a newlywed who discovered my talent for creating things while planning my wedding in 2021. I am 35 and the creator and owner of Monigo's Vibrant Designs based out of Orlando Florida. What started out as a hobby creating t-shirts, labels, and stickers etc.; has now turned into a business that allows me the opportunity to explore my creativity. I have the most supportive husband by my side pushing me to deliver my personal best to every creation. You will see him on here modeling a few things occasionally.  All of my shirts are unisex sizing unless otherwise specified. For all my ladies, this may mean you will need to size down, as the unisex shirts may be a little bigger than a typical woman's shirt. I do plan to add new items frequently, so don't hesitate to pop in and see the new product offerings. My catalog consists of lots of sarcastic things that most people are thinking, but too afraid to say out loud. If it gives you an immediate chuckle, then I know that I've done my job. I hope you enjoy and love everything as much as I do.  Browse my catalog and find your perfect statement tee, blanket, and more. Happy shopping and remember to spoil yourself, YOU deserve it!


Thank you!